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Maranatha Christian Academy

Maranatha goes way beyond the ordinary measures of academic standards, delivering the kind of education that opens eyes and hearts for a lifetime. Here curiosity is applauded, discovery is championed, and ultimately world-influencers are shaped.

My kids love this school. I love knowing that they are learning Godly principles and receiving an excellent education by a staff that truly cares for their students.

- Heather

I am just telling you; we LOVE our school. Their dedication to the students and partnering with parents is awesome. 

- Shayna

We’ve all purchased that item, haven’t we? One size fits all. While this may be true in theory, at Maranatha we believe there are multiple ways students learn. We utilize distinct and diverse approaches, experiences, and learning opportunities to engage and champion each student’s potential and create change-making futures for every individual.

In education, one size does not fit all

Meet Leadership

We invite you to one of our upcoming events to see the difference for yourself.   

Come Explore!

Enjoy a conversation with our Head of School and Principals and learn how we are committed to students first. 

Get a tour of the facility, including our Lower School Learning Commons and Innovation Hub, Entrepreneur Center, STEAM Center, and more!

Learn how our Culture in Action compliments your family's values. 

Tour the School

Culture in Action

The perfect opportunity to see there is no other school quite like Maranatha Christian Academy - we promise.

You're Invited To Our Open House

What you'll experience at our Open House: 

Maranatha Christian Academy
Lower school at maranatha christian academy


Learning is an adventure for our students. Our students have a dynamic weekly schedule that allows them to experience something new every day.

Middle School at Maranatha


Using a personalized learning coursework, our middle school students build skills in math, science, and English as they prepare to transition to high school.

high school at maranatha christian academy


In high school, we are teaching our students to courageously embrace change, empathically solve today’s (and tomorrow’s) problems, and impact progress. We’ve created a space for students to learn from themselves, each other and all of us. 

Families love Maranatha! Don't just take our word for it though... 

Yeah, our approach is different. Our attitude is different. The way we talk, question, and open our minds and hearts is different. 

Different? Yes

We're not afraid of standing for something different...and well, maybe that's exactly what makes all the difference. Come see for yourself at our next Open House.


Your chance to learn...


Meet Admissions

Learn about next steps, important dates, and ask any question you have. 

How students thrive at Maranatha

How teachers and staff are willing to go the extra mile and genuinely care and known their students, even during times of uncertainty.

How we teach from a Christian worldview in every subject. 

How we're developing world changes and leaders of the future. 

Why Maranatha is the right place for your child and family. 

We welcome the curious ones. The students who are eager not just to learn, but to search for something more. Start your search at our Open House.